Buddha dating controversy

08-Jun-2016 14:37

Getting to know someone deeply, cultivates understanding and acceptance, which are basis for true love. True love, in the nun’s definition, is the one that lasts even when the passion fades. During the retreat, we learned that it’s not about escaping your feelings.There are differences of opinion between Buddhists on this issue so we will attempt to present the arguments of those who believe that vegetarianism is necessary for Buddhists and those who do not.We would like to express our praise for […] By Carol Mc Quire I was looking up the recent origin of the phrase ‘Shugden Buddhists’ when researching a commentary on the New Kadampa Tradition’s recent letters denying the valid lineage of Trijang Choktrul […] Dated: 15th sept 2016 On Thursday, Brussels criminal court (“tribunal correctionnel”)¹ sentenced Robert Spatz, spiritual head of the Ogyen Kunsang Choling (OKC) Buddhist community, to a suspended sentence of 4 years in prison.The man, […] GUEST POST Recently, a contributor posted a link here to a video entitled ‘Safeguarding Children in Faith Activities’.Many of the subjects depicted in Himalayan and Tibetan-style art have controversial elements, but few can generate the heated emotions and fear conjured by the mere mention of the name Dorje Shugden.Despite this, artistic depictions of the deity have rarely if ever been talked about or studied.She later wowed onlookers in a maxi dress at the Venice Beach show.Lady Gaga - fresh from her performance at the Super Bowl - was among the celebrities on the front row, while singer Fergie performed at the event.

– Christopher Hamacher The BBC reported on September 26, […] Shugden won’t protect NKT monastics, NKT monastics have to study, observe and protect their vows themselves.

But on the stage in Los Angeles, all attention was focused on the model's toned torso.

Hadid, who has been dating former One Direction star Zayn Malik, 24, donned a cropped top and black leather trousers on the catwalk.

Controversial Art, Part 1: Dorje Shugden There are several different qualities that can make a piece of art controversial.

Sometimes it’s the content of the image itself which is deemed offensive, and other times it might be what is symbolized, the medium, or the intention of the work.

It is easy to attribute it to magic, intuition or chance.