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11-Jan-2017 06:55

I also subscribe to ye olde adage “Just say no to sex with anti-choicers.” These prerequisites can make it difficult to find a contender.

As Jaclyn Friedman puts it, “If I had a hardcore litmus test, the pool of men I could date would be so tiny.

How many times have you heard a cute, smart, single guy or girl spout some stupid platitude like, “there are no cute, single straight/gay guys/girls in this city? So with Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided to suck it up and embrace a more positive dating attitude.

” I’ll be honest — I’ve not just heard it, I’ve said it. What if, instead of bemoaning the state of the world, whining to my friends, and abusing my vibrator, I just went on a bunch of dates?

i need a date to ruin it with, preferably one that is either ridiculously unkempt or too hot to be able to enjoy with a straight face. There was one offer of “inappropriate groping on the dance floor.” There was an invite to meet at a library to see if we could have fun together, “not sexually speaking.” There were minimal obscenities.

i’ll buy you however many shots you might need to make it through this endeavor. I have a very Dudley-Moore-in- approach to comedy: I appreciate the idea of a joke as much as the execution.

It was my first alcoholic drink, ever, and I made a mental note to pace myself, not to get drunk.

Read more Fran, early 20s, Northeastern United States The frat house basement smelled of vomit, mold, stale beer, and body odor.

I immediately regretted going and would have walked back to the dorms had Ashley, my roommate, not dragged me to the back room.

” So I posted a Craigslist personals W4M ad to test my theory, which consisted of this: Honestly, I didn’t really expect to find any good candidates, but I figured putting the word “liberal” in the headline might deter any unwanted conservatives/freaks and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Out of 68 replies, only four were spam, two included pictures of penises, and two or three were anti-feminist: Hi, Liked your ad. It’s not my expectation you’ll jump in bed with me, or possibly ever be more than friends, but I liked your ad and would at least like to try talking?

The world of dating-while-feminist can be a challenge.