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It is these qualities that earned Sakura Haruno's friendship, defending Sakura from bullies who teased her and helping her become confident.Karin is new to the school and has already set her eyes on Sasuke Uchiha the star player.It's a bit weird but funny i think it was the funniest revenge ever but i think you should of made sasuke still there just trapped to watch as he get his punishment for being a emo- arsehole all the time that would of been brilliant but all in all it was the funniest thing ever brilliant job wow this is an awesome idea and everyone's happy. If he can’t get it out of him, then he’ll force him to use it, and then copy it with his sharingan.“Just tell New beginning Sayuri and Naruto Chapter 2New beginning Sayuri and Naruto chapter 2I’m glad you guys like chapter 1 here’s chapter 2!

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Story Start After shopping for Sayuri they were heading to the hokage tower, to the council meeting hall. Everyone in the room sweat dropped except Sayuri and thought one thing ‘Another kakashi is born!

He says he's already got a girl wearing his, but there was no sign of that jersey anywhere. As Sasuke walked into the classroom then Karin just followed."Yo Sasuke! She had the same thing on as the three girls and Sasuke's jersey on. You know how boring Hawaii is without anyone to talk to? I'm Sakura." She said stretching out a hand to shake."Hello. The girls laughed."Hmm hot and an amazing football player? This only got Sakura to blush even harder."Yeah." Karin could literally feel her heart break into a million pieces. Sasuke smirked before pulling her into a tight hug.