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' Kristen was like, ‘No one likes Piz,'" Lowell joked. "I think I wrote back saying, ‘I've never stopped playing Piz.I still refer to myself as Piz,'" Lowell explained of receiving an e-mail from Thomas asking if he'd be interested in reprising the role. This movie will be about Veronica returning to her roots."Returning to those roots, of course, means a slew of fan favorites returning to cross paths with the snarky blonde., starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, already has Hollywood buzzing with awards season several months out, and there is a reason why: it’s awesome.

The island in the hall is a nice place to serve when entertaining.Though Thomas has remained tight-lipped when it comes to spoilers aside from the fact that it takes place at Neptune High's ten-year reunion, he spilled to us, "The important thing to know is that Veronica left Neptune and quit her work as a P. Stars confirmed to appear in the film include Dohring, as Veronica's on-and-off-again suitor Logan (one of TV's most iconic bad boys, duh-doy!