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The city's current name comes from Syktyv, the Komi name for the same river, plus kar, meaning "city".

Syktyvkar is located on the Sysola River, which is the origin of its former name Ust-Sysolsk.

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Founded in 1969, the mill today operates three uncoated fine paper machines, one containerboard machine and a pulp dryer.

It comprises a wood yard, a pulp mill, power plant and waste water treatment plant.

In 2010, the company completed the EUR 545 million modernisation project named STEP - the biggest investment project in the Russian pulp and paper industry in the last three decades.

SUMMARY CREATION OF REGULATORY ACTS PRINCIPAL TARGETS OF PERSECUTION The Internet and Anti-Extremism The Overall Practice of Blocking: Some Examples of Access Restrictions Other Sanctions Mass Media and Anti-Extremism Political and Civic Activists“The Ukrainian Question” : Other Cases of “Separatism” : Misusing Criminalization of Incitement to Hatred : Misuse Related to Bans against Political Groups Religious Groups Hizb ut-Tahrir : Tablighi Jamaat : Followers of Said Nursi : Other Muslims : Jehovah's Witnesses : Falun Gong : The Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church : Criticism against Religion INCIDENTAL VICTIMS OF INAPPROPRIATE ANTI-EXTREMISM A BIT OF STATISTICS As we have repeatedly stated, the anti-extremist legislation, with its vague wording, makes a perfect instrument for prosecution of political opponents or other groups that stand out from the mainstream.

We have an efficient and branchy net of lawyers and private investigators, working in the large cities throughout the whole Russian Federation, Ukraine and FSU countries.Mondi Syktyvkar’s fully integrated wood supply operation includes wood harvesting, road construction, wood transportation, reforestation and forest management.

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